Mrs. Shelly Albers

Third Grade


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My name is Shelly Albers and I am one of the 3rd grade teachers at Aviston Elementary. I grew up in Aviston and now live in Germantown with my husband, Tom, and 3 children. Kaitlyn is a senior in high school, Kaylee is a 7th grader and Shawn is a 4th grader. Outside of school I enjoy volunteering my time working with and fostering cats and dogs for Clinton County Humane Society. 

*May 2002 - I graduated from McKendree College with a Bachelor of Science in Education.

*2002-2003 - My first teaching assignment at Aviston Elementary in 3rd grade.

*2003-2004 – I taught at Albers Elementary in various positions for 1 year.

*2004-current – Taught 1st Grade for 2 years and have been teaching 3rd grade since!