Math Team...Where Numbers Count!

The 2016-2017 Math Team will organize for the annual contest in April at Central Community High School after Christmas.

Notes and emails will be sent home as needed and information will be posted on this webpage.  Please feel free to contact me at tkuper@avistonk-8.org with any questions or concerns.
Thanks for your support!



Math Teams Winners

    2017   2016
    4th Place Team
Elizabeth Beckmann, Kristen Ess, Ethan DIckshot, Clare Koerkenmeier (4th place ind.), Klara Schildroth
  3rd Place Team
Ally Hamon, Riley MacCauley, Marissa Markus, Jacob Strubhart, and Cooper Truong (2nd place ind.)
2015   2014   2013
1st Place Team
Trent Holtgrave (2nd place ind.), Hunter Strubhart (3rd place ind.), Joey Deagan (5th place ind.), Justin Fritch, & Lindsey Ess
  4th Place Team
Gracie Jasper, Adison Kohrmann, John Schlueter (5th place ind.), Gillian Truong, & Mikaela Weis


  4th Place Team

Leann Huegen, Sophia Lager, Logan Rakers, Nick Schmitz & Tori Voyles

2012   2011   2010
4th Place Team

Emili Borkowski, Miranda Bruss, Anna Goestenkors, Maddy Wieter
& Ryan Kuper

  3rd Place Team

Grace Chiarolanza (5th place ind.), Ben Feldmann, Lucy Niemeyer, Shannon Schuetz, Alexis Voyles & Brady Weis

  3rd Place Team

Rachel Harper, Madison Richter, Madeline Lager, Alexis Zanger
& Walker Mondt

2009   2008   2007
3rd Place Team

Ben Trunnell, Zach Peek (2nd place ind.) , Kailee Rule, Jonathan Witte (4th place ind.) & Tanner Imming

  Larisa Maue, Allison Pingsterhaus, Holden Fuehne, Trent Isaak & Dillon Huegen (2nd place ind.)   Spencer Fuehne, Liz Horstmann, Kirstie Rule, Jennifer Richter & Ashley Bell