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Knights of Columbus Spelling Bee

The 2019 Knights of Columbus Spelling Bee was held at Aviston Elementary on Friday, March 1!

The Michael J. Haukap Knights of Columbus Council held the 2019 Spelling Bee at Aviston Elementary in March. Over 90 students in grades 5-8 participated. The initial round was held in the students’ homerooms, with the finals held in the gym for the final 32 students. Thanks to Dr. Kampwerth for being the moderator and to Mrs. Kampwerth, Mrs. Toeben, & Mrs. Chiarolanza for being official judges. 8th grader, Cohen Wiegers, won first place, while 8th grader, John Koernenmeier earned 2nd, and Grace Huelsmann, 7th grader, placed third.

Cohen, John, & Grace qualified to attend the Knights of Columbus Regional Spelling Bee held at Aviston Elementary March 9. Cohen & John placed 1st & 2nd, respectively, and participated in the state competition in April.Thanks again to the Aviston Knights of Columbus for providing this opportunity for our students!

The ROE #13 Clinton/Marion County Regional Office of Education also sponsored a spelling bee for all local schools on March 25 at Carlyle High School.
Cohen & John represented Aviston at this spelling bee,
where John placed 2nd & Cohen placed 3rd.

Congratulations! Aviston is proud of you!

Knights of Columbus representative Jerome Rakers, Cohen Wiegers (1st place), John Koerkenmeier (2nd place), Grace Huelsmann (3rd place), Tammy Kuper (Coordinator), & Mike Dall, Knights of Columbus representative.

Spelling Bee Winners


1st: Cohen Wiegers, 8th gr. (1st @ Regionals)
2nd: John Koerkenmeier, 8th gr. (2nd @ Regionals)
3rd: Grace Huelsmann, 7th gr.


1st: Cohen Wiegers, 7th gr.
2nd: Mallory Markus, 8th gr.
3rd: Cole Jones, 8th gr.
Alt: Piper Kujawa, 5th gr.


1st: Cohen Wiegers, 6th gr.
2nd: John Koerkenmeier, 6th gr.
3rd: Ben Frohn, 8th gr.


1st: Marissa Markus, 8th gr.
2nd: Trevor Schrage, 8th gr.
3rd: Ally Hamon, 8th gr.
Alt: Cole Jones, 6th gr.


1st: Ethan Dickshot, 6th gr.
2nd: Trent Holtgrave, 8th gr.
3rd: Dylan Hollenkamp, 8th gr.


1st: Nathan Perkes, 8th gr.
2nd: Riley MacCauley, 6th gr.
3rd: Grant Muntan, 7th gr.


1st: Nick Schmitz, 8th gr.
2nd: Gracie Jasper, 7th gr.
3rd: Ethan Winkeler, 8th gr. (3rd at Regionals)


1st: Adison Kohrmann, 6th gr.
2nd: Brandon Reeves, 8th gr.
3rd: Alex Neumann, 8th gr.

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