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Scrip Cards are available for purchase. Please fill out the attached priligy purchase uk. There are over 100 restaurants and stores to choose from. You can find a full listing cheap priligy priligy. Christmas orders will be submitted on the following dates: 11/29, 12/06, 12/13, and 12/19 (if needed with express shipping). Orders will continue to be submitted once a month after Christmas.


Aviston Elementary Discount Cards are available in the office. Cards are valid from 12/1/18 – 11/30/19 and have some fabulous offers on them. The cards are only $10 and will make great Christmas gifts! buy cheap priligy uk


We encourage families to continue to collect Box Tops for Education. This is an easy way for our organization to earn money from the products that many of us purchase and use on a regular basis. You can turn the tops in with your child’s teacher, in the school office, at city hall, or at St. Francis Church foyer. Small trashcan labeled for the tops have been placed at all those locations and will be picked up periodically. Please spread the word as we have tried to make it easier for individuals to turn in the tops.

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Alicia Renth – President
Jenna Schrage – Vice President
Ann Venhaus – Secretary
Jami Geragosian – Treasurer

Please contact the PTA by emailing sildenafil priligy cheap.

cheap viagra with priligy
cheap priligy online

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