Primary Teachers

 K-8 Teachers

  • Ms. Megan Washburn Music/Band/Choir
  • Mrs. Courtney Hayes
    Mrs. Courtney Hayes Special Education
  • Mr. Chase Henrichs
    Mr. Chase Henrichs Physical Education
  • Mrs. Dawn Becker
    Mrs. Dawn Becker Response to Intervention (RtI) Teacher
  • Mrs. Rachel Poettker
    Mrs. Rachel Poettker Special Education
  • Mrs. Sadie Buehne
    Mrs. Sadie Buehne Speech/Language Pathologist - KSED

Jr. High Teachers

Paraprofessional Aides

  • Mrs. Gloria Estardante-Alvarado
    Mrs. Gloria Estardante-Alvarado Paraprofessional Aide
  • Mrs. Geri Hilmes
    Mrs. Geri Hilmes Paraprofessional Aide
  • Mrs. Marlene Holtgrave
    Mrs. Marlene Holtgrave Paraprofessional Aide
  • Mrs. Kathy Reising
    Mrs. Kathy Reising Pre-K Paraprofessional Aide
  • Mrs. Perri Wesselmann
    Mrs. Perri Wesselmann Paraprofessional Aide
  • Mrs. Megan Ritter
    Mrs. Megan Ritter Paraprofessional Aide

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