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Mr. Matthew MurphyMusic Teacher - Band/Choir Director

Phone Number: 618-228-7245
Email: cheap priligy priligy

Hello everyone!

My name is Matthew Murphy and here’s a little bit about me.

I was born in North Dakota and moved to Albers around the age of ten, the same year I started drumming. I graduated from Highland High School in 2010 and graduated as an instrumental music education major with a percussion emphasis from Eastern Illinois University in 2015. At EIU, I was active in the Percussion Ensemble, Wind Symphony, the Eastern Symphony Orchestra, as well as many other ensembles. I was the drum line section leader for the Panther Marching Band for three years. Outside of college classes, I marched in the WGI ensemble Freedom Percussion in the 2013 season as a member of the snare section.

I spent last year as the Band/Choir Director at Madison High School in Madison, Illinois. I am currently working as the Percussion Director/Arranger for Mater Dei Catholic High School and Central Community High School, both in Breese, Illinois. I have instructed a number of scholastic groups in the greater St. Louis area. I am also an active clinician, judge, performer, arranger, and private lesson instructor to students of all ages and abilities. I am also a member of NAfME and PAS.

I am so glad to be working in Aviston and look forward to sharing music with you all!

Contact Info. –

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