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Mrs. Cary MarkusSpecial Ed/Title 1

Phone Number: 618-228-7245
Email: cheap priligy priligy

I am Cary Markus, and I am thrilled to be the Title 1, special education, and 4th grade writing teacher. My professional background includes special education, language arts, and RTI experience.

I live in Germantown with my husband Kent, two teenagers, Ashlyn and Blake, and our dog Bossy. When I am not fulfilling teaching duties, I love to cheer on my kids in all their endeavors. We are typically at sporting events for Blake or listening to Ashlyn play beautiful music in the band. I love to spend time with my family outdoors and traveling. My favorite solo past time is reading. It is exciting to meet new readers every year, and I hope to build a love of reading in all my students to help them become life long learners through reading.

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