be well-rounded….CELEBRATE PI  DAY !!!!


What is Pi?:  Arguably the most famous number not an integer (It's irrational!), pi comes from dividing the distance around a circle by the greatest distance across the circle:  circumference divided by diameter.  This quotient or ratio equals the number pi no matter how big the circle is.  Even though this relationship has been known for thousands of years, it was only 300 years ago that the Greek letter pi (the first letter of the Greek word for “surrounding perimeter”) was introduced.  This number has a decimal representation which never stops or repeats, although modern computers have now computed pi to over a trillion decimal places!

Happy Birthday, Albert Einstein! (Born March 14, 1879)

How old would he be?

Aviston Elementary's Pi Digits Hall of Fame
(Who can memorize the most digits of Pi?)

First 500 Digits of Pi

3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169    39937510582097494459230781640628620899862803   48253421170679821480865132823066470938446095 50582231725359408128481117450284102701938521   10555964462294895493038196442881097566593344   61284756482337867831652712019091456485669234 60348610454326648213393607260249141273724587   00660631558817488152092096282925409171536436   78925903600113305305488204665213841469519415 11609433057270365759591953092186117381932611   79310511854807446237996274956735188575272489   12279381830119491298336733624406566430860213 94946395224737190702179860943702770539217176   29317675238467481846766940513200056812714526   35608277857713427577896091736371787214684409 01224953430146549585371050792279689258923542   01995611212902196086403441815981362977477130   99605187072113499999983729780499510597317328 16096318595024459455346908302642522308253344   68503526193118817101000313783875288658753320   83814206171776691473035982534904287554687311 59562863882353787593751957781857780532171226   806613001927876611195909216420198......................

2019 Winners 

7G: Maggie Maxwell (42)

7B: Avery Pingsterhaus (90)

8G: Madison Eversgerd (55)

8B: Haley Huelsmann (210)

Melanie Hilmes (100)

John Koerkenmeier (100)

 2018 Winners
7G: Madison Eversgerd (52)
7B: Haley Huelsmann (120)
Melanie Hilmes (106)
John Koerkenmeier (102)
8G: Aidan Koch (100)
8B: Reagan MacCauley (85)

2017 Winners
7G: Landon Geragosian (57)
7B: Evan Schlueter (115)
Reagan MacCauley (101)
Dylan Wesselmann (100)
8G: Harry Mondt (64)
8B: Kristen Ess (343)
Clare Koerkenmeier (200)
Brianna Markus (101)

2016 Winners
7G: Joe Bacal (64)
7B: Clare Koerkenmeier (215)
Kristen Ess (120)
Isavella Auer (103)
8G: Nick Faust (122)
8B: Marissa Markus (104)

2015 Winners
7G: Nick Faust (104)
7B: Marissa Markus (66)
8G: Abby Braundmeier (66)
8B: Trent Holtgrave (170)

2014 Winners
7G: Jack Hoelscher (42)
7B: Trent Holtgrave (290)
8G: Kinsey Stockmann (45)
8B: Adison Kohrmann (80)

2013 Winners
7M: Kinsey Stockmann (46)
7P: Maeve Heumann (80)
8P: Laura Faust (102)
8A: Wil Rakers (185)
Nick Schmitz (120)
Sophia Lager (100)

2012 Winners
7M: Laura Faust (110)
7P: Nick Schmitz (130)
Sophia Lager (128)
Wil Rakers (123)
8P:  Janelle Huelsmann (42)
8A:  Austin Rakers (52)

2011 Winners
7M: Janelle Huelsmann (71)
7P: Maddy Wieter (73)
8P: Katie Faust (85)
8A: Ben Feldmann (61)

2010 Winners
7M: Katie Faust (80)
7P: Grace Chiarolanza (100)
Lucy Niemeyer (100)
8P:  Morgan Kruse (270)
8A:  Madeline Lager (120)
Michael Stroot (120)
Madison Richter (120)

2009 Winners
7M: Alli Lewis (25)
7P: Madison Richter (150)
 Michael Stroot (150)
Madeline Lager (126)
8P:  Bridgett Stockmann (80)
8A:  Tanner Imming (220)

2008 Winners
7M: Miranda Richter (42)
7P: Tanner Imming (100)
8P: Jessi Rakers (26)
8A: Melanie Robben (102)

100 Digits of Pi Club
Haley Huelsmann 2019 (210); 2018 (120)

Melanie Hilmes 2019 (100); 2018 (106)

John Koerkenmeier 2019 (100); 2018 (102)

Aidan Koch 2018 (100)

Reagan MacCauley 2017 (101)
Evan Schlueter 2017 (115)
Dylan Wesselmann 2017(100)
Brianna Markus 2017 (101)
Isabella Auer 2016 (103)
Kristen Ess 2017 (343); 2016 (120)
Clare Koerkenmeier 2017 (200); 2016 (215)
Marissa Markus 2016 (103)
Nick Faust 2015 (104); 2016 (122)
Trent Holtgrave 2014 (290); 2015 (170)
Nick Schmitz 2013 (120); 2012 (130)
Sophia Lager 2013 (100); 2012 (128)
Wil Rakers 2013 (185); 2012 (123)
Laura Faust 2012 (110); 2013 (102)
Morgan Kruse 2010 (270)
Lucy Niemeyer 2010 (100)
Grace Chiarolanza 2010 (100)
Tanner Imming 2009 (220) 2008 (100)
Madison Richter 2010 (120); 2009 (150)
Michael Stroot 2010 (120); 2009 (150)
Madeline Lager 2010 (120); 2009 (126)
Melanie Robben 2008 (102)




Did you know...

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Pi Day Songs

Happy Pi Day

Happy Pi day to you,
Happy Pi day to you,
Happy Pi day everybody,
Happy Pi day to you.

(to the tune of "Happy Birthday")


We Wish You a Happy Pi Day
By Dianna
We wish you a happy Pi Day
We wish you a happy Pi Day
We wish you a happy Pi Day
To you and to all

Pi numbers for you
For you and for all
Pi numbers in the month of March
So three point one four!

(to the tune of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas")


Oh Number PI

Oh, number Pi
Oh, number Pi
Your digits are unending,
Oh, number Pi
Oh, number Pi
No pattern are you sending.
You're three point one four one five nine,
And even more if we had time,
Oh, number Pi
Oh, number Pi
For circle lengths unbending.

Oh, number Pi
Oh, number Pi
You are a number very sweet,
Oh, number Pi
Oh, number Pi
Your uses are so very neat.
There's 2 Pi r and Pi r squared,
A half a circle and you're there,
Oh, number Pi
Oh, number Pi
We know that Pi's a tasty treat.

(to the tune of "Oh Christmas Tree")

Pi Day Song

Pi day songs
All day long.
Oh, what fun it is,
To sing a jolly pi day song
in a fun math class
like this. (Repeat )

Circles in the snow,
Around and round we go.
How far did we have to run?
Diameter times pi! (Refrain )

(to the tune of "Jingle Bells")


Want some more Pi songs...Check out this site--

A Final Thought...

Little Jack Horner
Sat in a corner eating a classroom pi.
He stuck in his thumb
Pulled out a three-point-one
And said “what a good math student am I!”